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Capital: Beijing
Curency: Renminbi(CNY)

Embassy Address:

50-D, Shantipath, New Delhi






[email protected]


Visa Requirements

Document Required

  • Valid Passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of travel. The passport should also have a minimum of two blank visa pages.
  • 1 Form typed or handwritten.
  • 2 Photo (recent color photograph with 80% face coverage.) detailed specifications provided in notes below
  • Detailed Original Covering Letter addressed to The Visa Officer Embassy of China New Delhi
  • Travel Itinerary (tickets)
  • Original bank statement of 6 months with original seal and signature on all the pages and with minimum balance should be Rs 1.5 Lakhs per person.
  • Day wise tour itinerary.


  • The Embassy of China has started issuing few visas with limited stay and validity, i.e. with a validity of less than 3 months and stay shorter than 30 days. Hence, we recommend you to please SEND US THE ACTUAL TRAVEL ITINERARY along with your China visa applications, so that we may submit it along with the visa application accordingly.
  • As per the latest update from The Chinese Embassy, New Delhi there will be following THREE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS which will be required for visa processing if passport is issued outside the jurisdiction of Delhi Embassy.
    1. Company ID proof of the applicant
    2. A NOC Letter from the company (on company letterhead) for applicant’s China travel and also mentioning the working address of the applicant
    3. National Identity Card Copy (e.g. Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving License, Ration Card etc.) of the applicant of the state falling in Delhi Jurisdiction. If the National ID Card is not available for Delhi Jurisdiction, then the application needs to be filed as per the Jurisdiction rules andnot in Delhi.


  • Rs. 3900/- (Single entry)
  • Rs. 5850/- (double entry)
  • Rs. 7800/- (6 Months Multiple Entry)
  • Rs. 11700/- (One Year Multiple Entry)
  • Rs. 9100/- (US Ppt, 4 working days)
  • VFS charges Rs. 1660/- applicable by draft in our favor to be sent with documents

Processing Time

  • Around 3-4 working days

Visa Form